Georgia Pacific Becomes Drywall Defendant

     OCALA, Fla. (CN) – A federal class action claims that Georgia Pacific-made drywall leaks sulfur, methane and other chemicals that stink, cause health problems and corrode electrical wiring and plumbing. The class claims that these problems, which have spurred numerous class actions, are not limited to Chinese-made drywall.

     “Until the filing of this action, the defective drywall causing damage to tens of thousands of homes within the Southeastern United States was though to have been manufactured exclusively by Chinese companies,” the complaint states. “However, this consumer class action claims that the issues surrounding the dangerous chemicals used to create the synthetic gypsum used in modern day drywall have infiltrated American-based manufacturers as well.”
     Plaintiffs also sued 84 Lumber Co., and says “other companied not yet identified” may have sold contaminated drywall too. The class’s lead counsel is Brian Warwick with Varnell & Warwick of The Villages, Fla.

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