George Soros’ Ex Sues|Him for $10 Million

     MANHATTAN (CN) – George Soros’ ex-girlfriend sued him for $10 million, claiming he breached his promise to buy her an apartment, but let his new squeeze move into it, then launched “a deliberate and malicious campaign of extreme and outrageous harassment and intimidation” against his ex.

     Adrianna Ferreyr sued Soros and his MASG LLC in New York County Court.
     She claims that he offered to make up for it by buying her a different apartment in the same building, then backed out of it, and that when she tried to lease a third apartment, in the same building, he used his wealth and power to interfere with that, and harass her.
     She says Soros bought the apartment on East 85th Street through MASG to avoid having to pay gift taxes.
     Ferreyr, a citizen of Brazil and of the United States, says she was Soros’ girlfriend for more than 5 years and traveled the world with him.
     She claims that “in reliance upon his promises to buy her an apartment, [she] hired a real estate broker, interior designer and lawyer to locate and then close on an apartment at 30 East 85th St., New York, NY, that was to be purchased by MASG – a company controlled by Soros – for Ferreyr, but which promises Soros ultimately reneged on so that he could allow another woman to reside there. In addition thereto, there are claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, prima facie tort, promissory estoppel, assault and battery and fraud.
     “Soros not only breached his multiple promises, which were reasonably relied upon by Ferreyr to her detriment, but he also proceeded to engage in a deliberate and malicious campaign of extreme and outrageous harassment and intimidation against Ferreyr, which has directly resulted in her suffering and continuing to suffer severe emotional distresses and damages.”
     Ferreyr claims that “Soros clearly intended, as part of his plan, to purchase the first apartment for himself for the benefit of another ‘girlfriend,’ all of which he had intentionally concealed from Ferreyr in spite of his promise and the fact that he was aware that Ferreyr had already informed her friends and family that she was moving into her ‘dream home.'”
     Ferreyr claims that Soros did this to “taunt and embarrass her.” She claims that with his estimated net worth of more than $14.5 billion, Soros “could have chosen to give this other girlfriend any other apartment he desired, but instead he gave her the apartment that he had promised to Ferreyr in a blatant effort to cause Ferreyr severe emotional distress.”
     Ferreyr claims that Soros, “being aware of the severe emotional distress and mental anguish that he was causing Ferreyr,” promised her in November 2010 that he would buy her another apartment, “in order to make up for his previous actions.”
     She claims that she then spent months looking for and negotiating the purchase of another apartment, and finally settled on another apartment in the same building on East 85th Street, only to be told in March this year “that he was once again reneging on his promise and refusing to buy her an apartment for the second time.”
     Ferreyr says she found a third apartment in the same building and tried to lease it, “as this particular building had become Ferreyr’s dream place to live.” But she says Soros “took steps to interfere with Ferreyr’s potential lease in the building,” and even “hired private security personnel in order to follow and intimidate Ferreyr.”
     She says the apartment was on sale for $1,995,000 in December 2009, and that Soros called the price “very reasonable for the location”.
     She says Soros offered $1,735,000 and did buy the place, but does not state what the actual sale price was.
     Ferreyr says Soros told her he would buy the place in the name of his company, MASG, so he could “avoid having to pay gift taxes on it.”
     “Soros specifically stated, ‘Don’t worry it is yours, I am only putting it in the name of a company for tax purposes as I want to avoid paying gift taxes,'” according to the complaint.
     Ferreyr demands compensatory and punitive damages of $10 million. She is represented by Robert Hantman.
     Soros, a Hungarian born financier and philanthropist, is a bête noire of the U.S. Republican Party, for his many contributions to liberal causes, which include founding and funding many institutions intended to foster democracy in the former Soviet Union and its satellites. Much of this work is done through Soros’ Open Society Institute. He made a reported $1 billion in foreign currency trading in 1992 by betting against the Bank of England. He has given away $7 billion to charitable causes, according to Forbes magazine.
     Today (Aug. 12) is his 81st birthday.

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