GE, Sears Filters Poison Water With Arsenic, Watchdog Says

      OAKLAND, CALIF. (CN) – General Electric, Sears Roebuck, Whirlpool are poisoning the public by selling carbon drinking water filtration systems that discharge arsenic into the water, the Center for Environmental Health claims in Alameda County Court.

     Plaintiff claims the defendants knew that their activated carbon filters discharged arsenic since the problem was discussed at an Aug. 8, 2000 meeting of the Water Quality Association, to which most of the defendants belong, and which “has even formed an ‘Arsenic-Activated Carbon Task Group.'”
     The plaintiff claims in its Alameda County Court suit that at this meeting, “a report was presented of a multi-year study conducted by Defendant KX Industries. The KX Industries study concluded that, ‘arsenic and antimony contamination occurs broadly in activated carbons,’ and that ‘[t]his contamination leads to extractable levels of arsenic and antimony that can often exceed the current arsenic and antimony standards and pervasively exceed the proposed future arsenic standard.'”
     Plaintiff is represented by the Lexington Law Group of San Francisco.
     Here are the defendants: General Electric Co., Cuno Inc., Ecowater Systems LLC, Everpure LLC, KX Industries LP, Sears Roebuck and Co., Whirlpool Corp., and Whirlpool Water Products.

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