Full Circuit to Evaluate Controversial Voter Law

     (CN) – The 9th Circuit on Wednesday agreed to take another look at Arizona’s voter-approved initiative requiring registered voters to show proof of citizenship before casting their ballots.

     The federal appeals court in San Francisco will hear the case before a full panel of the court’s 29 active judges.
     A divided three-judge panel of the court ruled in late 2010 that the measure was superseded by federal voter-registration laws.
     Approved by voters in 2004, Proposition 200 requires registered voters to prove their citizenship with documentation before hitting the polls.
     Several Latino and Native American groups challenged the measure, and the panel’s majority found that it imposed additional identification requirements on top of those required by federal law.
     In a dissenting opinion, Chief Judge Alex Kozinski argued that a previous panel had ruled that the National Voter Registration Act allows states to require evidence of citizenship at the polls.

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