FTC Sues Dozens to Stop ‘Total Fraud’

PHOENIX (CN) – Money Now Funding and dozens of other abusive telemarketers target senior citizens in “business” and “loan” scams that are “a total fraud,” the FTC claims in Federal Court.
     The FTC wants the long list of defendants enjoined from telling victims that “they will earn income by referring small businesses seeking loans to Money Now Funding. Despite defendants’ assurances that consumers will easily generate hundreds or thousands of dollars per month in income, consumers typically lose their investment because the program is a total fraud, with losses ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars per consumer. Defendants are not actually in the business of making or brokering loans to small businesses, and consumers, therefore, never earn any of the promised commissions on the sale of such loans. Many victims affected by this scam are seniors with limited income and savings.”
     The complaint continues: “Defendants’ scheme requires the cooperation of numerous parties. Each corporate defendant and individual defendant plays an integral role in the scheme. The defendants fall into three categories: (1) Telemarketing defendants, who call consumers and persuade them to buy the business opportunity by making false representations; (2) Initial Payment defendants, who obtain consumers’ authorizations for their initial payment for the business opportunity and provide a limited liability company and a website; and (3) Factoring defendants, who establish and use multiple merchant accounts under the names of various shell entities to process consumers’ credit card payments for business leads and other services. The three groups of defendants operate as a common enterprise, perpetrating a single scheme.”
     Here are the defendants:
     Money Now Funding LLC aka Money Now Funded aka Cash4businesses aka Cashfourbusinesses;
     Rose Marketing LLC;
     Depaola Marketing LLC;
     Affiliate Marketing Group LLC;
     Legal Doxs LLC aka First Business LLC;
     US Doc Assist LLC aka First Business LLC;
     Affinity Technologies LLC;
     Marketing Expert Solutions LLC;
     All of the above are Arizona LLCS; defendants include
     Lukeroy K. Rose, individually and as dba Affinity Technologies and Rose Marketing and Money Now Funding and DePaola Funding and Affiliate Marketing Group;
     Cordell Bess aka Blaine Thompson, individually and dba JJB Marketing and dba Money Now Funding and dba Rose marketing;
     Solana Depaola, individually and dba Money Now Funding and DePaola Marketing;
     Jennifer Beckman individually and dba Marketing Expert Solutions;
     William D. Claspell aka Bill Claspell;
     Richard Frost aka Richard Strickland;
     Dino Mitchell aka Dino Jones;
     Clinton Rackley aka Clinton Fosse;
     Lance Himes aka Raymond L. Himes aka Lance Haist, individually and dba Legal Doxs and US Doc Assist;
     Leary Darling, individually and dba US Doc Assist and dba Legal Docs;
     Donna F. Duckett, individually and dba D&D Marketing Solutions;
     Della Frost, individually and dba Zoom Docs;
     Christopher Grimes, individually and dba Elite Marketing Strategies;
     Alannah M. Harre, individually and dba National Marketing Group;
     Ronald W. Hobbs, individually and dba Ron Hobbs & Associates and dba Sales Academy USA;
     Janine Lilly, individually and dba Doc Assistant;
     Michael McIntyre, individually and dba McIntyre Marketing;
     Benny Montgomery, individually and dba Montgomery Marketing;
     Virginia Rios, individually and dba V&R Marketing Solutions; and
     Kendrick Thomas, individually and dba KT Advertising.
     The FTC seeks disgorgement, penalties and injunctions.

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