FTC Goes After Auto Warranty Telemarketers

     CHICAGO (CN) – The FTC charged Voice Touch and Transcontinental Warranty with consumer fraud and deceptive telemarketing: making mass “robocalls” alleging that people’s auto warranties were about to expire, including to people on the Do Not Call list. The tactic made national news this week after a congressman received such a call.

     Voice Touch is charged with injuring consumers by misrepresenting material facts, violating the Telemarketing Sales Rule, ignoring Do Not Call Requests, ignoring the Do Not Call Registry, abandoning calls, failing to transmit caller ID, failing to make required oral disclosures, initiating unlawful prerecorded messages, and failing the pay the national registry fee.
     The FTC filed separate complaints against Voice Touch, Network Foundations LLC, James E. Dunne, Maureen E. Dunne, and Damian Kohlfeld; and Transcontinental Warranty and Christopher D. Cowart, in Federal Court. All of the defendants are based in Florida.
     The State of Oklahoma filed a similar complaint against Stored Value Marketing, in Oklahoma County Court. Stored Value is a telemarketer based in San Diego, Calif.

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