Fresh Water Snails Get More Critical Habitat

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The critical habitat designation for four species of endangered fresh-water snails will grow by 125 acres in New Mexico and Texas, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

     The Roswell springsnail, the Koster’s springsnail, Noel’s amphipod and the Pecos assiminea were listed under the Endangered Species Act by the agency in August 2005. The four species now have 521 acres designated a critical habitat in Chaves County, N.M., and Pecos and Reeves Counties, Texas.
     In a previous designation of critical habitat, the agency excluded areas in Texas set aside for cattle grazing and oil and gas exploration. It also excluded the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge from the designation since that area already contained special management plans for the species.

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