Frequent Flyers Demand ‘Clear’ Pass Refund

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Frequent flyers became disgruntled consumers when the maker of a “Clear” pass that sped travelers through airport security discontinued its service, according to a class action in New York County Supreme Court.

     Robert Harwood says Verified Identity Pass offered its customers the ability to zip through security by making “Clear” lanes available at certain airports for a $199 fee. The company performed a one-time background check and collected the biometric information of participating frequent travelers, clearing them to speed through security on their subsequent trips.
     But Harwood says the company yanked its service suddenly, sending him a message in June 2009 announcing that, as of 11:00 p.m. Pacific time, “Clear will cease operations.”
     When Harwood asked for his money back, the company allegedly told him it “cannot issue refunds.”
     Harwood demands the refund on behalf of himself and the 165,000 other “Clear” pass holders.
     He seeks class certification, restitution and punitive damages, and is represented by Lee Squitieri of New York-based Squitieri & Fearon LLP.

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