French Designer Shows DIY Robot to Romanian Public

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — A French designer has shown his humanoid DIY robot for the first time to the public in Romania.

The life-size white plastic model, which doesn’t have a name, responded to English-language commands Friday. It picked up and dropped a small ball, and swiveled its head to follow people.

Designer Gael Langevin unveiled the robot at a technology fair in Bucharest this week.

The idea developed from a prosthetics hand Langevin made in 2011, the first-ever made on a 3D printer. The robot is made with a 3D printer, plastic and micro cameras.

He estimates there are more than 1,000 DIY robots made by people who followed his design. His robot can be programmed to speak English, Spanish, French, Russian and Dutch.

A basic model costs about 1,500 euros ($1,665).

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