Freeloaders & Crybabies

     Pardon me, but I do not see how those big bad patriots with guns can call the United States government “totalitarian” and “jack-booted” when it can’t even make a freeloader pay 20 years of back rent for his use of public land.
     Or why they call it “tyranny” when the government asks convicted arsonists to please get on a train and report to prison by a certain date, and the arsonists do it.
     I’m not going to mention this family’s name or the name of their so-called organization because it would give them another Google hit, and I think those guys live and die by counting their Google hits, like Ebenezer Scrooge counting his pfennigs.
     The sheriff of Harney County, Oregon, David Ward, is dealing with those whiny white people correctly: cutting off the heat in the public building they took over with guns, and cutting off their phone service. Now the freeloading gangster patriots will have to count their Google hits on their iPhones. O, the unjustice of it all …
     Sheriff Ward told a town meeting this week that his wife had to leave town for her safety after strangers followed her home and someone slit a tire on her car.
     The sheriff has received anonymous death threats – misspelled, of course – and strangers have harassed and frightened his elderly parents, both of whom are in their 70s and need heart pacemakers.
     The “leaders” of these white freeloading gangsters, of course, are sons of the freeloader who made a big stir two years ago by surrounding himself with white men with guns and refusing to pay more than $1 million in grazing fees for grazing his cattle for 20 years on public land.
     A court ordered him to get his cattle off the public land in 1998, but he didn’t do it. So 16 years later, the federal government said it would take the cows. But white people with guns threatened to shoot anyone who tried to do it, so the freeloader is still there, and the federal government still hasn’t made him pay dime one.
     Listen to me, Freeloading Gangster White People: You can pontificate about “freedom” and public land and the Second Amendment all you want, but let me assure you, a government that cannot and does not force your dad to pay rent for 20 years is not a totalitarian, jack-booted, tyrannical government. It’s a pretty feeble government.
     It’s already a cliché to ask what the Freeloading Gangster White People (FGWP, or FugWups) would say if black people or brown people took over a federal building at gunpoint.
     We know the FugWups think that black and brown criminals should be thrown in jail. But not white arsonists, I guess.
     Listen to me, FugWups: You’re not fighting for “freedom.” You’re not fighting for or against anything. You’re just a bunch of crybabies looking for attention. Whining about how unfair the world is to white Christians.
     Try a taste of your own medicine, FugWups: Get a job. Go home. Go back where you came from. Go back on welfare. Whatever. Get out of Oregon and crawl back to Nevada.

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