Fraternity President Challenges Expulsion

CHICAGO (CN) – A fraternity president says the University of Chicago kicked him out on false grounds after he reported a stabbing at the fraternity house. Evan Dreyer says he reported the stabbing and cooperated in the university’s investigation, but the UC expelled him based on false accusations by the stabber, who was retaliating for Dreyer’s truthful reports.

     Dreyer, 20, says that as president of his fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta, UC officials asked him to investigate a fight at the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity house on Dec. 3, 2008.
     Dreyer says the officials claimed a Phi Gamma Delta member was involved, though there were no eyewitnesses. He says he cooperated in the investigation, and later reported a Feb. 27 stabbing at his own fraternity house.
     Dreyer says the stabber, “C.J.” told school officials that Dreyer had lied about his knowledge of the fight. UC officials believed the man, though he was clearly retaliating because Dreyer had reported him, according to the complaint in Cook County Court.
     Dreyer says the UC unfairly suspended him for the summer and fall semesters, made him resign as fraternity president and ordered him to pay $3,866 in medical bills.
     Dreyer was entering his senior year and was expected to be a starting tackle on the football team.
     Dreyer demands reinstatement and damages for breach of contract, wrongful expulsion, and emotional distress. He is represented by Steven Fink of Northbrook.

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