Fox May Head to Table in ‘Comfort Women’ Suit

     MANHATTAN (CN) – A Pulitzer-nominated photographer may want to enter settlement talks with Fox News to resolve a copyright suit over her images of Japan’s “comfort women,” the parties’ lawyers revealed in a telephone conference on Monday.
     Photographer Yunghi Kim filed a federal lawsuit here two years ago claiming that Fox swiped her “historic and iconic” photographs of women of some of the estimated 200,000 women that Japan forced into sexual slavery.
     In 2012, Kim’s works were displayed in a private gallery’s exhibition in Los Angeles.
     Fox used the images to “lend class and dignity to a story about events in New Jersey that made no reference to and had nothing to do with the exhibition in Los Angeles,” her lawsuit said.
     Around the time, Fox reported about the controversy surrounding the Korean-American community’s tribute to comfort women at a county courthouse in New Jersey.
     On Monday, the parties said during a telephone conference before Magistrate Judge Frank Maas that the discovery phase of the proceedings had closed.
     Kim’s attorney Kenneth Norwick of the firm Norwick, Schad & Goering told the magistrate that he wanted to return to the settlement table before the case’s transfer to U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres.
     “My client would be open to a further attempt,” he said.
     Fox’s attorney Steven Mintz of Manhattan office of Mintz & Gold LLP griped that he would need to speak to the network before responding to his opposing counsel’s “usual blindsiding.”
     Meanwhile, Maas remarked that he remembered prior settlement talks hit a roadblock over a dollar figure.
     “I recommended a number that wasn’t acceptable to both sides,” he said.
     The parties must let Maas know whether they will return to the negotiation table in October.

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