Fossil Calls Nine West Jewelry Knockoffs

     DALLAS (CN) – Fossil claims in court that clothing retailer The Jones Group’s Nine West brand jewelry designs are “slavish copies” of Fossil’s jewelry.
     Richardson, Texas-based Fossil sued New York City-based Jones Group in Federal Court, accusing it of selling knockoffs in its Nine West-branded jewelry line.
     “In August of 2012, one of Fossil’s account executives learned that defendant had a new group of products in its Nine West Vintage America Collection line that appeared to be copies of Fossil’s jewelry line,” the complaint states. “The account executive went to a retail store where the products were offered for sale and confirmed that the majority of the products were slavish copies of Fossil’s jewelry line.”
     Fossil says the Nine West line was launched in 2010 and did not initially have the infringing designs. Fossil says it has filed 35 copyright applications for its jewelry designs.
     “Defendant has made wholesale copies of many of Fossil’s most popular jewelry products,” the complaint states. “The extent of the copying is so egregious that it can only be concluded that this conduct was willful.”
     Founded in 1984, Fossil makes watches and accessories under its own brand and for other brands, including Zodiac, Relic, Emporio Armani, DKNY, Armani Exchange, Diesel, Burberry, Adidas and Karl Lagerfeld, according to its website. It operates 364 retail locations and has more than 10,500 employees.
     Fossil seeks damages for copyright infringement and unfair competition, all profits from the infringing products, destruction of all infringing products and their molds, and an injunction.
     It is represented by Molly Richard of Dallas.

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