For-Profit Colleges

TRENTON, N.J. – A slew of profit-seeking colleges, including Career Education Corp. and Sanford Brown, defrauded the government of student loans, a former CEC employee claims; click headline to see the defendants in Federal Court.
     Here are the profit-seeking college defendants: Career Education Corporation; American Intercontinental University-Atlanta; American Intercontinental University-Houston; American Intercontinental University-Online Degree Programs; American Intercontinental University-South Florida; Briarcliffe College-Bethpage; Briarcliffe College-Patchogue; Briarcliffe College Online Programs; Brooks Institute; Brown College-Brooklyn; Brown College-Mendota Heights; Collins College; Colorado Technical University-Denver; North Colorado Technical University-Pueblo; Colorado Technical University Online Degree Programs; Harrington College of Design; International Academy of Design & Technology-Detroit; International Academy of Design & Technology-Las Vegas; International Academy of Design & Technology-Nashville; International Academy of Design & Technology-Online; International Academy of Design & Technology-Orlando; International Academy of Design & Technology-Sacramento; International Academy of Design & Technology-San Antonio; International Academy of Design & Technology-Seattle; International Academy of Design & Technology-Tampa; Le Cordon Bleu-Atlanta; Le Cordon Bleu-Austin; Le Cordon Bleu-Boston; Le Cordon Bleu-Chicago; Le Cordon Bleu-Dallas; Le Cordon Bleu-Las Vegas; Le Cordon Bleu-Los Angeles; Le Cordon Bleu-Miami; Le Cordon Bleu-Minneapolis; Le Cordon Bleu-Online; Le Cordon Bleu-Orlando; Le Cordon Bleu-Portland; Le Cordon Bleu-Sacramento; Le Cordon Bleu-Scottsdale; Le Cordon Bleu-Seattle; Le Cordon Bleu-St. Louis; Missouri College; Sanford-Brown College-Atlanta; Sanford-Brown College-Austin; Sanford-Brown College-Boston; Sanford-Brown College-Cleveland; Sanford-Brown College-Collinsville; Sanford-Brown College-Columbus; Sanford-Brown College-Cranston; Sanford-Brown College-Dallas; Sanford-Brown College-Dearborn; Sanford-Brown College-Farmington; Sanford-Brown College-Fenton; Sanford-Brown College-Fort Lauderdale; Sanford-Brown College-Garden City; Sanford-Brown College-Grand Rapids; Sanford-Brown College-Hillside; Sanford-Brown College-Houston; Sanford-Brown College-Indianapolis; Sanford-Brown College-Iselin; Sanford-Brown College-Jacksonville; Sanford-Brown College-Landover; SBI Campus; Sanford-Brown College-Milwaukee; Sanford-Brown College-New York; Sanford-Brown College-Orlando; Sanford-Brown College-Pittsburgh; Sanford-Brown College-Portland; Sanford-Brown College-San Antonio; Sanford-Brown College-Skokie; Sanford-Brown College-St. Peters; Sanford-Brown College-Tampa; Sanford-Brown College-Tinley Park; Sanford-Brown College-Trevose; Sanford-Brown College-Tyson’s Corner; Sanford-Brown College-White Plains; and Sanford-Brown College-Wilkins Township.

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