Football Legend Joe Montana Incensed|By Auction Of Old Love Letters

     SAN JOSE (CN) – Football legend Joe Montana claims an auction house invaded his privacy and violated copyright by selling his personal effects without his permission – including love letters he wrote to a girlfriend in the 1970s.

     Montana claims in Federal Court that Texas- based Heritage Auction, and auctioneer Kim Moses of Los Angeles offered the items for public sale on May 3, despite Montana’s earlier demand for return of the property.
     Montana claims that the sale publicized matters concerning his private life that were offensive to him and to any reasonable person.
     In addition to the love letters, which Montana says he alone had the right to publish, the lot contained his letter of intent to attend the University of Notre Dame and his student identification card.
     Represented by Robert Mezzetti II, Montana demands punitive damages.
     Montana, a 14-year NFL veteran and Hall of Famer, set the gold standard for quarterbacks. His San Francisco 49ers won all four Super Bowls in which he participated.

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