Floridians Sell Telemarketers Illegal Info on Consumers, FTC Says

    CHICAGO (CN) – Robert DeSalvo, Valerie DeSalvo and Practical Marketing illegally sell consumers’ identities, addresses, phone numbers and financial information to telemarketers, including unencrypted bank account and routing information, credit card numbers, security codes and expiration dates, the Federal Trade Commission claims in Federal Court.
The Boca Raton, Fla.-based defendants get the information “from various sources, including lists of consumers who purchase products or services on the Internet by check,” the FTC says. They do this without consumers’ knowledge or permission, and they sell the information to telemarketers whom they know will use it illegally to sell, or promise, credit or loans for an up-front fee, the FTC says. It demands disgorgement, restitution, and an injunction. See complaint.

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