Florida Woman Records Sex Act in Courthouse, Posts It Online

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (CN) – A Jacksonville woman facing a minor drug charge revealed more than Duval County Courthouse administrators expected on Tuesday, recording herself in a sex act in the building and posting it on Facebook and Twitter.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Integrity Unit is now investigating the incident.

Court officials confirmed the sex act occurred in a hallway on the fourth floor of the courthouse during business hours on Jan. 31.

They also said that neither the woman, who has not been charged in connection with the display, nor the other individual in the video is a courthouse employee.

The video was recorded Tuesday morning outside of courtroom 401, and was posted a short time later, first on the woman’s Twitter account, and later, on her Facebook page.

The video has since been deleted from both.

Court officials said they were unaware of what had happened until they were contacted by someone who told them about the video.

The woman, who identifies herself on Facebook using the term for a sex act, has not been charged in connection with her activities.

But she does seem to be enjoying her newfound notoriety.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, she tells her followers “the news people finally left from in from of my house. This … is cray cray. All I did was bust me a … and get … ”

On Thursday afternoon she added “To all the news channels following me on Facebook. I know for a fact you’re reading this, so I will let all of you know: I will only do an interview with the highest bidder. Shoot me a price.”

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