Flight Attendant Sues Over Big Mac Attack

     CHICAGO (CN) – A flight attendant says a McDonald’s security guard smashed his hamburger, threw it in the trash, called him a “f—ing homo,” dragged him outside and beat him up.

     Eugene Taylor says that as he tried to eat at a McDonald’s, a security guard named Sterling, who claimed to be a police officer, asked him to move to a different table. Taylor says that when he did not move immediately, Sterling smashed his hamburger and threw it into the garbage.
     When Taylor asked Sterling to show his police badge, he says Sterling replied that’s “the only thing he was going to be seeing was the pavement outside.”
     When he tried to call 911, Taylor says, Sterling tore the phone out of his hand. He says police arrived, talked with both men and asked Taylor to stay out of that section of the restaurant.
     Taylor says that after the police left, Sterling grabbed him from behind and said, “You’re going outside you little fucking homo, and I’m going to teach you a lesson.” He says the guard dragged him outside, threw him on the ground and kicked him. He says he called 911 again and though the police came, they refused his request to press charges against Sterling.
     Taylor says he suffered “sprains and strains of his shoulder and arms,” contusions and abrasions. He says he had to take a month off his job, losing $2,000 in salary.
     He demands damages for assault, battery, negligence and violations of the Illinois Hate Crime Act against McDonalds’s, Intercontinental Security Services and the security guard, Sterling.
     Taylor is represented by Kurt Feuer.

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