Fla. Attorney Disbarred for Sex-for-Fees Deal

     (CN) – The Florida Supreme Court disbarred attorney James Harvey Tipler after he agreed to reduce his fee by $200 each time an 18-year-old client had sex with him. He also offered her $400 if she arranged for other women to have sex with him.

     Tipler was charged with racketeering and four counts of prostitution. He ultimately pleaded guilty to one count of solicitation of prostitution.
In a separate case, Tipler questioned the son of his client in a medical malpractice case over the accuracy of a videotape that was shot shortly before the patient died. However, Tipler had edited the tape, resulting in inaccuracies in the son’s testimony.
Tipler pleaded guilty to interference with judicial proceedings.
     The state high court said Tipler has broken numerous Bar rules and has been “dilatory, deceitful and evasive” throughout the discipline process.
     “Tipler has thus engaged in an ongoing pattern of egregious misconduct,” the court concluded.

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