Five Women Say Doctor|Spied On Them In Bathroom

     BROOKLYN (CN) – A doctor with Manhasset Cardiovascular placed a hidden camera in a so-called “air purifier” directly in front of a toilet, and secretly filmed employees and patients, five employees – including a fellow doctor – claim in Kings County Court.

     The plaintiffs claim Dr. Vincent Pacienza was arrested for this on June 13.
     They say that when Pacienza installed the phony “air purifier,” he closed the office’s other bathroom, saying it was “broken” and would not be fixed “for a long time,” to make the women use the toilet in front of the camera.
     He placed the camera “five feet away, at the precise height of the toilet seat,” the complaint states. The women say this outrage was preceded by a long campaign of sexual harassment.
     Pacienza was charged with felony unlawful surveillance, the complaint states.
     The women demand punitive damages and lost wages for sexual harassment, constructive firing and emotional distress. They are represented by Anthony Mango.

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