Firm Demands Costs for Failed Gender Bias Bid

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – The powerful venture capital firm at the center of a closely-watched Silicon Valley gender discrimination lawsuit has requested nearly $1 million in costs, according to court documents.
     On March 27, a jury found the firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers not liable for gender discrimination and retaliation against Ellen Pao, a former junior partner. Pao’s lawsuit created a national discussion about how women are treated in the tech industry.
     In a document filed in San Francisco Superior Court April 22, Kleiner Perkins says costs-for filing, holding a jury trial, witness fees and depositions, among other expenses-total $972,814.50.
     Kleiner Perkins requested to recover the costs from Pao, but has offered to waive them if the plaintiff chooses not to appeal.
     “We believe that women in technology would be best served by having all parties focus on making progress on the issues of gender diversity outside of continued litigation,” the firm said in a statement.
     Pao is now interim CEO of Reddit. Heather Wilson, a representative for Reddit, said Pao is considering the proposal.
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