Fire Chiefs Say Kentucky Weakened Code|As Favor To Construction Industry

     FRANKFORT (CN) – The Kentucky Association of Fire Chiefs says the Kentucky Board of Housing, Buildings and Construction “weakened the safety features” of the state building code as a favor to the construction industry.

     The fire chiefs, and numerous other groups of fire department officials, say the state weakened its building code on June 23 in a way “that favored certain members of the construction industry and weakened the life safety features of the code that protect the public health, safety, and welfare within Kentucky.”
     The fire chiefs say, “The statement that the Kentucky Building Code ‘prohibits local building departments from … requiring more than the code requires’ contained in the KBOHBAC’s Regulatory Impact Analysis and Tiering Statement to the Amended Kentucky Building Code has no legal basis in KRS, Chapter 198B, Kentucky statutes or Kentucky court decisions.”
     The fire chiefs say that other action the state took that day also was “false” and/or “arbitrary and capricious.”
     The fire chiefs want an injunction and the revised, weakened codes thrown out. Plaintiffs include the Central Kentucky Fire Chiefs Association, Jefferson County Fire Chiefs Association, Jefferson County Fire Inspectors Association, and Jeffersontown Fire Protection District. They are represented in Franklin Circuit Court by Maurice Byrne Jr. of Louisville.

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