Fire Cadet Says Chief Sexually Abused Him

     CHICAGO (CN) – A fire chief sexually molested a boy in a cadet program, and the Village of Thornton ignored complaints that the chief had molested others, according to a complaint in Cook County Court.

     The plaintiff says he was 16 years old when John Klaczak, then 41, performed oral sex on him in December 2001.
     The plaintiff claims that in 1997 a couple had accused Klaczak of being involved “in sexual and narcotic activity with their son.”
     Witnesses saw Klaczak giving oral sex to a different minor cadet who was drunk, and Klaczak supplied alcohol to minors at parties, the complaint states.
     The plaintiff says the village knew or should have known that Klaczak was a threat to children.
     Klaczak was fired in 2002, pleaded guilty in 2005 to sexual assault of two boys and spent three years in jail, according to reports in the Chicago Tribune and the Sun-Times News Group.
     The plaintiff seeks damages for battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent retention. He is represented by Michael Alkaraki with Leahy & Hoste.

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