Fiorina Pitches Cruz as |True Agent of Change

TOWSON, Md. (CN) — One-time presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina lashed into Donald Trump on Monday, saying he and Hillary Clinton are “two sides of the same coin” who won’t do anything to change the culture of Washington if elected.
     Fiorina made her remarks during a long day of stumping in Maryland on behalf of Sen. Ted Cruz.
     “Trump supporters think he’s going to fight the system. He’s not going to fight the system; he is the system,” Fioriana told a warm and receptive crowd.
     “Trump and Clinton are two sides of the same coin … “Ted Cruz is a fearless fighter with the scars and the enemies to show for it,” she said.
     Voters go to the polls for Maryland’s Republican presidential primary on April 26. Cruz hopes a win here will solidify his chances of denying Trump the nomination and securing it for himself without the need for a contested convention.
     Fiorina, the only female candidate to run for the Republican nomination this years, suspended her campaign on Feb. 10 and endorsed Cruz a month later.
          Following Fiorina’s fiery introduction, Cruz spoke for 45 minutes before a crowd of about 400, focusing primarily on jobs, freedom and national security.
     He garnered his loudest applause when he promised to abolish the Internal Revenue Service after he passed “a simple flat tax … that would allow everyone to file their taxes on a postcard.”
     Ray Tuleya, a retired math teacher from York, Penn., said he was excited to see Fiorina supporting Cruz and that he believed the former Hewlett-Packard CEO would make an excellent running mate for the Texas senator, who currently has 559 delegates, but lags 185 behind Trump.
     Others said they attended out of sheer curiosity.
     “I’m here today to try and glean more information about the candidate than what you get with the 20 second sound bites on television,” Norm Zickuhr, of Cockeysville, Md., said.
     “I’m mostly interested in conservative issues including proper spending, enforcing immigration laws, and maintaining the Constitution,” said Zickuhr.
     Susan Roth, of Glen Burnie, who attended the event with her four children, said Cruz’s Christian stance appealed to her.
     “I feel like we can trust him. He did what he said he would do in Texas and he’ll do the same for the country. He has a proven track record,” Roth said.
     Cruz said that when he takes the office of the president he will “repeal every word of Obama Care … and pass common sense health care reform.”
     Cruz also promised to deregulate business, a move he said would spur economic growth and create jobs for those “who have had their full-time jobs cut to 29 hours week because that’s when the Obama Care regulations kicks in.”
     “We will take the boot of the Federal Government of the neck of American business,” Cruz said.
     Cruz also spoke about immigration by stating he would “stop the current amnesty and end welfare benefits for those here illegally.”
     Cruz addressed national security by stating that he would rebuild the military, protect American interests by creating rules of engagement that would allow our troops to protect themselves and, when needed, send in enough troops to defeat the enemy and get out of the situation.
     “No longer will our government be undermined by political correctness,” Cruz said.

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