Figure Skater’s Marriage Blows Up

     MANHATTAN (CN) – The estranged husband of figure skater Johnny Weir claims the three-time national champion assaulted, battered and defamed him, accusing him of “having ‘herpes’ or ‘some sort of sexually transmitted disease.'”
     Victor Weir-Voronov sued John Weir-Voronov on Thursday in New York County Supreme Court.
     The men were married on Dec. 30, 2012.
     John Weir was U.S. national champion from 2004-06, took a bronze at the world championships in 2008, and a gold at the world junior competition in 2001.
     Voronov, a graduate of Georgetown Law School, is an attorney.
     The 17-page lawsuit wastes no time getting down to specifics.
     It begins: “This action arises from Weir’s defamatory and false statements accusing Voronov of attempted rape and sexual misconduct in front of over 2,500,000 million viewers, and the spreading of salacious lies concerning Voronov’s sexual health. Weir’s actions were undertaken maliciously, to injure Voronov in his profession, his business and out of a desire to embarrass, harm and hold Voronov to public scorn and ridicule. However, destroying Voronov’s reputation was not enough for Weir. Rather, Weir’s behavior turned violent, and on more than three occasions Weir engaged in heinous acts of domestic violence, battering Voronov and leaving him permanently scarred.”
     Voronov claims that Weir “viciously attacked” him 13 months after they were married.
     “Weir inflicted several wounds all over Voronov’s body, including a bite mark on Voronov’s left bicep causing Voronov to later receive a tetanus shot,” the complaint states. “After the police were called, a criminal complaint was filed. Fearing for his safety, Voronov was forced to obtain a temporary restraining order against Weir.”
     Weir provided commentary on figure skating during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. At or about that time, “the parties filed for divorce as rumors began to swirl of Weir’s violent tendencies,” the complaint states. “In a blatant bid to rebrand his image from that of a battering partner, Weir appeared on a nationally televised program and accused Voronov of causing the domestic dispute by attempting to rape Weir. This atrocious statement was false.”
     Attempts at reconciliation failed, Voronov claims, when Weir punched him out at their home “and proceeded to angrily throw dangerous objects” at him.
     Voronov claims that Weir then slandered and libeled him in “a crusade of defamation” on social and traditional media.
     He seeks damages for libel, slander, assault, prima facie tort, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     He is represented by Daniel Szalkiewicz.

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