Feds Want Site Cleaned

     BOSTON (CN) – Uncle Sam wants four companies to clean up a Connecticut superfund site.

     The federal government, through the Environmental Protection Agency, wants BIM Investment Corporation, Shaffer Realty Nominee Trust, Tyco Healthcare Group and W.R. Grace to decontaminate 22 acres in Norfolk County at the Blackburn and Union Privileges Superfund Site.
     From 1915 to 1935, the Multibestos company produced asbestos clutch and brake linings there. From 1937 to 1985, the Kendall Co. did cotton bleaching and mercerizing at the site.
     These activities left behind toxic and volatile organic compounds and alkaline water, leading to a Superfund designation in 1994, according to the lawsuit filed in Massachusetts Federal Court.
     The government wants the successor companies to excavate and dredge contaminated soil and sediment, extract and treat groundwater, and provide long-term monitoring.
     Since W.R. Grace filed for bankruptcy in 2001, any cost recovery claims for this site will go through bankruptcy court.
     Robert Dreher of the Department of Justice is representing the United States.

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