Feds Smash Giant Chinese Smuggling Ring

     MANHATTAN (CN) – In what federal prosecutors call the largest counterfeit merchandise smuggling sting operation in history, 10 conspirators are charged with bribing an undercover Customs official with $450,000 to bring more than $200 million of counterfeit Chinese merchandise into the United States through the port of Newark.
     Since June 2006, the defendants brought in more than 100 40-foot-long shipping containers, under false bills of lading, through Port Newark and Elizabeth, N.J., then sent it to New York City warehouses for distribution to retailers, the 52-page indictment states.
     Here are the defendants: Michael Chu, Grace Quezon, Troy King, Robin Huff, His Feng Li, Chi On Wong, Man Wai Cheng, Wing Ki Lee, Dick Ong, and a man known as Paul Ding.

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