Feds Seize $3 Million From Vegas Doctor

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – Federal prosecutors have seized $3 million from Dr. Benjamin Venger, claiming it’s the fruit of an illegal scheme in which Howard Awand organized a network of lawyers and doctors, including Venger, “to cheat and deceive their clients and others in order to enrich themselves.”

     “Awand’s doctors” referred cases to “Awand’s lawyers,” who “knew that they were defrauding their clients by allowing Awand to refer their clients to Awand’s doctors, to recommend treatments, and to buy their clients’ medical liens because they knew that Awand had financial interests in the referrals and recommendations,” the government claims.
     Prosecutors in this case did not sue Venger or Awand or attorney Noel Gage, all of whom are accused of participating the in the ring. The government sued the $3 million, “in the possession or control of Benjamin Venger.”

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