Feds Say Narcos Planned to Kill US Agent

MANHATTAN (CN) – Four Colombian men and a woman were arrested in Panama and flown to New York on charges of plotting to kill a DEA agent in Colombia. The men were trying to import 240 barrels of ephedrine, a meth precursor, into the United States, and vowed to “erase (the agent and informant” from the map,” and said the agent would be the first to die, federal prosecutors said.

     The defendants allegedly made those incriminating statements, and others, in the presence of an undercover informant. Charged were Javier Mauricio Vasquez Saldarriaga, 34; Edgar Abdon Luna Diaz, 47; Pablo Cesar Ruiz Calderon, 31; Carlos Alexander Silva Baltan, 31; and Liliana Esperanza Resfa Velez Munoz, 40.

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