Feds Say ‘CEO’ Conned Banks|Out Of Tens Of Millions Of Dollars

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Kaiser Himmel Corp. CEO Eric Skys defrauded banks of “tens of millions of dollars” by falsely claiming that Sprint-Nextel had given Kaiser Himmel 13.4 million shares of stock as payment for goods and services, and using the fictional stock to con the banks out of money, federal prosecutors say.

     Skys was indicted on charges of securities fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud. He also is accused of fabricating documents, forging signature, altering emails and false securities account statements, “which made it appear to the banks that Kaiser Himmel actually possess the Sprint shares, when in fact, and as Skys well knew, it did not.”
     The indictment describes Kaiser Himmel as “a Delaware corporation that purportedly engaged in the business of providing computer or information technology consulting services”. It was based in Rockwood, Pa.

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