Feds Investigate Second Fire at Florida Mosque

     (CN) – Federal and state investigators are looking for the individual or individuals behind the second Florida mosque fire in 10 days.
     The blaze Wednesday at the Islamic Education Center in Tampa was initially blamed on an electrical issue within the building.
     However, the authorities decided to take a closer look at the Juy 17 incident after learning that the power to the building had been cut off at the time.
     The Islamic center’s caretaker told investigators he heard popping sounds and saw smoke. He doused flames with a hose while a neighbor called 911.The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is investigating because it is a house of worship.
     The first fire to occur at a mosque in the Tampa area was at the Madinatul Ilm. The fire at the Hillsborough County mosque was also initially deemed to be accidental.

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