Feds Ease Restrictions for Medicinal Pot Extract Tests

     (CN) – The federal government said Wednesday that it lightened restrictions for clinical trials on marijuana extract cannabidiol, a move it says will streamline medicinal research.
     The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, said it eased regulatory requirements imposed by the Controlled Substances Act for Food and Drug Administration-approved clinical trials on the substance. The changes take effect immediately.
     Cannabidiol, or CBD, contains less than 1 percent THC, marijuana’s active ingredient, and has shown potential medicinal value, the government says.
     The change in restrictions removes a step from the DEA approval process. Federal law requires researchers to get a DEA registration for a specific amount of CBD. They used to have to go through a modification approval process if they wanted more of the substance, but now those granted a waiver can quickly modify their research protocol to include more CBD, according to the DEA.
     CBD and marijuana are both still Schedule I controlled substances under federal law.
     The extract does not cause the psychoactive effects of “getting high” and it could potentially help with seizures, according to the Epilepsy Foundation.

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