FDA Wants Data on|Food Contamination

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The FDA must write a regulatory description of sanitary transportation practices, and is requesting information on the food transportation industry and its practices, and on contamination of transported foods and associated outbreaks.
The regulation will implement part of the Sanitary Food Transportation Act of 2005.
     Some examples of the types of problems the Food and Drug Administration seeks to prevent: Corn gluten for pets was contaminated by lead monoxide because a railcar carrying the gluten had previously carried the lead, sickening dogs; Soybean hulls for animal feed were contaminated by barium carbonate, a chemical used in rat poison, killing some cows and contaminating milk; Salmonella from raw liquid eggs contaminated the ice cream mix a truck carried next, possibly sickening 224,000 people nationwide.
     Click the document icon for this regulation and others.

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