FCC Approves Spectrum for Neurostimulators

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Federal Communications Commission will allow a new class of medical implants used in neuromuscular therapy to access 24 megahertz of broadband spectrum.
     Called medical micro-power networks, the implants may be able to restore sensation, mobility, and other functions to paralyzed limbs and organs. The devices are being designed to replace damaged nerve connections, sending out electric impulses that stimulate nerves and muscles, telling them to move.
     These new devices will share 24 megahertz of spectrum in the 413-419 MHz, 426-432 MHz, 438-444 MHz, and 451-457 MHz bands with other medical and non-medical devices, on a secondary basis. This means the devices cannot cause interference to and must accept interference from stations of a primary service.
     The FCC says that spreading the wide frequency the devices need, to transmit a lot of data in a short burst, across four bandwidths will eliminate interference with other devices.
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