FBI Arrests 10 Alleged Russian Spies

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Ten people were arrested Sunday and charged with spying for the Russian Federation on “deep-cover” assignments in the United States. Eleven people — including the 10 arrested — were criminally charged with failing to register as Russian agents; nine were also charged with conspiring to launder money.

     FBI agents arrested the defendants known as Richard and Cynthia Murphy at their home in Montclair, N.Y., the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. It also announced these arrests:
     Vicky Pelaez and “the defendant known as Juan Lazaro” were arrested at their home in Yonkers.
     Anna Chapman was arrested in Manhattan.
     “The defendants known as Michael Zottoli and Patricia Mills” were arrested at their home in Arlington, Va.
     Mikhail Semenko was arrested at his home, also in Arlington.
     The defendants known as Donald Howard Heathfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley were arrested at their home in Boston.
     The defendant known as Christopher R. Metsos remains at large.

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