Father Says He’s Worried About Jesuit School

     MIAMI (CN) – A messianic Jewish father claims that the Gesu Parish School his children attend, a private school run by Jesuit nuns, has been teaching his children anti-Semitic and anti-Latin doctrine.

     One of the anti-Semitic views espoused by the nuns, Larry Klayman claims, is that Jews do not go to heaven. The school’s Jesuit nuns also teach anti-Latin doctrine, as the nuns are part “of an extreme and ironically radical” sect that does not adhere to mainstream Jesuit doctrine, or to the teachings of the Vatican and the Pope. Klayman’s second wife, Dianna, is Latin.
     Klayman also expressed concern that the school has been identified as “gay friendly,” and that some of the head clergy “indeed exhibit the demeanor of being outwardly gay.” Klayman clarifies that he is not a homophobe and respects the rights of gay people, but is worried about the “potential for child abuse.”
     He adds that the school allegedly keeps him from visiting his children, 8 and 10, and that his ex-wife “gets special treatment” from the school because her family has donated money to a church affiliate.
     Klayman says he pays more than $5,500 per year for each of his children to attend Gesu Parish.

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