Fancy Car Dealer Going to Prison

     SAN DIEGO (CN) – The owner of Mussari Motors in San Diego was sentenced Friday to 2 years in federal prison for conspiring with a drug dealer to hide $719,000 in cash transactions.
     John Frank Mussari Jr., 48, of San Diego, admitted that he failed to report a string of transactions of more than $10,000 in cash, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.
     In his September 2014 guilty plea, Mussari admitted taking $132,000 in cash for a Ferrari, $115,000 for a Lamborghini, $147,000 for a Porsche, and $205,000 for another Lamborghini, plus another $80,000, $60,000, and $31,000 in cash from the drug trafficker. Officers who arrested Mussari at the drug dealer’s home in Fallbrook found $205,000 in Mussari’s Lamborghini.
     Mussari is free on bond. He was ordered to report to prison on June 5.

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