Family of Old Couple Tries to Rein in Collecting Law Office

     (CN) – A disabled 86-year-old woman and her demented 94-year-old husband say a Chicago-area law firm threatened to garnish their Social Security checks after the couple were subjected to a 5-hour high-pressure sales pitch for a $2,500 vacuum cleaner.

     The wife, whose husband suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s, sued attorney Alex Pirogovsky and his law office, Pirogovsky Fremderman, located in Northbrook.
     The complaint in Cook County Court says Pirogovsky sent Valentina Libes and her husband a threatening demand letter as representative for Seven Colors Inc. Libes says that “During the course of the 5-hour sales pitch, the Libes’ daughter twice spoke with the salesman by telephone, instructing him not to sell her parents anything, and ordering him to leave. Even though the salesman promised to go away, he failed to do so and eventually coerced Mr. and Mrs. Libes to sign a sales contract.”
     The daughter says her disabled parents signed the contract because it was the “only way to get the salesman – who was of the same ethnic background as they were – out of their house.”
     She demands punitive damages for elder abuse, affinity fraud and privacy invasion. The family is represented by Dmitriy Feofanov with Chicago Lemon Law of Lyndon, Ill.

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