Family Of City Hall Shooter Says|He & His Wife Stole Their Identities

      ST. LOUIS (CN) – The family of a notorious dead gunman claims he and his wife stole their identity to procure a loan. Arthur and Doreen Thornton, relatives of Charles “Cookie” Thornton, claim that Charles and his ex-wife Maureen used their identities to try to gain control of Arthur’s mother’s property in Florida and Missouri. Charles “Cookie” Thornton was the gunman in the Kirkwood City Hall shootings the left six dead on Feb. 8, including Thornton.

     Maureen Thornton failed to report that Charles had used his brother Arthur’s identity to secure a $100,000 loan, the complaint states.
     Arthur Thornton claims Maureen had a legal duty to report the fraud, as the first-named owner of the family’s property in Florida.
     Arthur Thornton says he sustained $500,000 in damages to his credit after the loan went into default. He seeks $1.2 million in damages.
     Named defendants along with Maureen Thornton were World Savings, The Jordan Real Estate Group, Avelo Mortgage and New Century Mortgage.
     The Thorntons sued pro se in Federal Court.

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