Family Hiking Close to Home Finds Stone Crypt From 1850s

(AP) — A New Hampshire family hiking close to home during the coronavirus pandemic made quite the discovery — a stone crypt from the 1850s.

This example of a 19th century crypt is from Ireland. (Pixabay image via CNS)

New Hampshire Public Radio reports Krystin Cooney, of Deerfield, and her family went looking for a moose behind their home after a neighbor spotted one. Instead, they came across what Cooney’s fourth-grade daughter, Ellie, described as “a really cool fort.”

After doing some research, they realized they had stumbled upon a crypt of former residents, the Norris family.

Ellie said she found it creepy at first, but she’s gotten used to it and told her classmates about the discovery during a virtual class meeting.

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