Family Claims Mover Molested Little Girl

HOUSTON (CN) – A moving company employee sexually assaulted a little girl in front of her brother in her own house and filmed himself doing it, the parents claim in court.
     John and Jane Doe sued Justin Modesto Summers and A Better Tripp Moving & Storage Company, in Harris County Court.
     The Does hired A Better Tripp in March 2012to move their things from storage to their new home in Houston.
     “Defendant, Justin Modesto Summers, an employee of A Better Tripp Moving & Storage Company and son of Jack L. Summers, A Better Tripp Moving Company’s operations manager, was part of the moving team selected by A Better Tripp Moving Company to move the plaintiffs,” the complaint states.
     “Plaintiffs John Doe I and Jane Doe I, in order to keep their children out of harm’s way, asked that their five-year-old daughter Jane Doe II and seven-year-old son John Doe II play in an upstairs bedroom while the movers carried items in and around the home.
     “At some point during the move, defendant Justin Modesto Summers went into the children’s bedroom and removed Jane Doe II’s clothes and fondled her in a sexual manner. Defendant Justin Modesto Summers photographed and video recorded the sexual acts. Plaintiff John Doe II was made to stay in the room and witness the traumatic event in its entirety, unable to defend his younger sister from the adult male.
     “KHOU Channel 11 quoted a spokesperson for the investigating law enforcement agency as stating, ‘[a]n employee of the moving company, which was called “A Better Tripp Moving & Storage,” had lifted up the juvenile child’s shirt, had removed and pulled down her underpants and began photographing and, it turns out, actually began touching the child.’
     “Defendant Justin Modesto Summers kept the videos and photographs on his cell phone, which were recovered by police upon execution of a search warrant.”
     The Does say Summers, who had been with A Better Trip for six years, should not have been employed, due to his lengthy criminal record.
     “Summers had embarked on his criminal career as early as 2005 with a burglary of vehicle conviction (9/30/2005) and with a possession of marijuana conviction (10/6/2009). Further, at the time of the incident made the basis of this lawsuit, Justin Modesto Summers was on felony probation for a charge of assault of a public servant,” the complaint states.
     “This is despite the fact that prior to March 2012 the website for A Better Tripp Moving & Storage Company represented (and continues to represent) that all of its employees are ‘bonded, licensed and insured, not to mention cleared by nationwide background checks and drug screenings.'” (Parentheses in complaint.)
     The Does seek $4 million in damages for sexual assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent hiring, deceptive trade and fraud.
     They are represented by Matias J. Adrogue of Houston.

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