Family Claims Mangled Mouse Was in Salad

LYNCHBURG, Va. (CN) – A Virginia family claims in court that an unexpected, badly mangled guest crashed the first course of a family dinner last year and a negligent salad distributor is to blame.

In a complaint filed Monday in the federal court in Lynchburg, Virginia, James Barber claims that after he, his wife Sarah and son Jared had all eaten a bowl of Taylor Farms salad purchased at their local Sam’s Club, Sarah decided to have a second helping and discovered the the shredded carcass of a mouse in the package.

“Sarah screamed for Matt and Jared, who returned and confirmed that the object was in fact a carcass of a mouse. The mouse was severely chopped up, the head was missing, and the organs and guts of the mouse were scattered through the remainder of the salad. Further investigation revealed additional blood and hair also scattered through … the salad,” the complaint said.

In addition to Taylor Farms, distributors Sam’s Club East and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. are also named as defendants in the complaint.

The Barbers seek $360,000  in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages.

They are represented by Rick Boyer of Relevant Law in Lynchburg.

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