Families Sue Halliburton on Fatal Oil Platform Explosion

     LUFKIN, Texas (CN) – Families of six men who drowned have sued Halliburton, Schlumberger Technology and Gulf Coast Marine Associates for an oil platform accident that killed 22 people and sent 63 others to hospitals.

     A movable platform collided with a stationary one in October 2007 as Gulf Coast was moving it, causing a crude oil and natural gas leak, according to the federal complaint.
     The plaintiffs say the accident occurred because the defendants were using outdated ocean floor surveys. The rig legs slipped into holes previously drilled by other rigs, causing an entire rig to tilt and crash.
     During evacuation, six people drowned due to inadequate lifeboats provided by owners of the platform, according to the complaint. The families of those six men are represented in this complaint by David Matthews of Houston.

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