Factory Managers Accused of Letting Worker’s Skin Peel

     CHICAGO (CN) – Shampoo factory managers denied a worker medical help for half an hour while his “skin was visibly peeling off of his body” from a chemical accident, his estate claims in court.
     ATG Trust Co., on behalf of Carlos Centeno’s estate, sued Raani Corp., RNS Bedford Park, Balwinder Singh, Muhammad Javaid, and Pervaiz Jafri, in Cook County Court.
     Centeno worked through for Ron’s Staffing agency, which sent him to work at Raani’s plant. Raani Corp. produces toiletries, such as shampoos, lotions and deodorants, according to its website.
     The state claims that Centeno was told to clean a tank with a citric acid solution, but Raani failed to instruct him how to clean the tank and its components.
     It claims that Raani “intentionally failed to perform a hazard assessment to determine which hazards were present that would have necessitated the use of personal protective equipment in violation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (‘OSHA’) regulations 29 CFR 1910.132(d)(1), a violation classified as ‘serious.'”
     Nor did Raani not provide Centeno with safety goggles, chemical resistant gloves, a nearby safety shower, or training on handling hazardous chemicals, the complaint states.
     As a result, “On November 17, 2011, Carlos Centeno, deceased, was cleaning the tank with a heated (~176 degrees Fahrenheit) citric acid solution when the cleaning solution erupted from the top of the tank and sprayed Carlos Centeno, deceased, scalding over 80 percent of his body with chemical burns,” according to the complaint.
     Then defendants Muhammad Javaid, Raani’s vice president, and Balwinder Singh, a manager, “intentionally delayed Carlos Centeno’s, deceased, medical treatment for more than 30 minutes,” the complaint states.
     “Carlos Centeno’s, deceased, skin was visibly peeling off of his body while Javaid intentionally delayed his treatment,” it states.
     Centeno asked for an ambulance, but “Raani, by and through its agents, willfully failed to call 911 for an ambulance for Carlos Centeno, deceased, at any point,” the trustee states.
     It also claims that Raani and its officers failed to wash Centeno in a safety shower, although they “knew that if Carlos Centeno, deceased, was not showered, he would die.”
     “Carlos Centeno, deceased, died on December 8, 2011 as a result of the injuries sustained on November 17, 2011,” the complaint states.
     The estate seeks damages for negligence, wrongful death, willful and wanton conduct, battery, false imprisonment, and emotional distress.
     It is represented by Stephan Blandin with Romanucci & Blandin.

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