Eye Drug Blinded Them, Patients Say

     MIAMI (CN) – Two patients say they were partly blinded by ocular injections of Avastin, a cancer drug, contaminated with streptococcus. Both patients got the injections in July.
     Antonio says he was left blind in one eye after getting the Avastin injection in the eye on July 8 at South Florida Eye Associates, in Miami.
     Salgado sued Genentech, Infupharma, Leon Medical Centers, and South Florida Eye Associates. He says, “the Avastin was contaminated and defective, and caused the plaintiff, Antonio Salgado, to lose eyesight in his right eye.”
     Elia Aguilar says she was injected with the drug the same day, suffering “serious personal injury … pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, mental anguish,” and other problems, including aggravation of her medical problems.
     Aguilar sued Infupharma, South Florida Eye Associates, Dr. Natalie Villate, and Michael Rizzo, who allegedly, “formulated, distributed and sold” the drug.
     Both plaintiffs seek more than $15,000 in damages.
     Salgado is represented by Philip and David Gold of Coral Gables. Aguilar is represented by Gary Friedman, also of Coral Gables.

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