Exec Says Boss Took|Liberties With His Wife

     INDIANAPOLIS (CN) – A former hot tub executive claims in court that when his boss learned that he and his wife had an open marriage, the boss showed up unannounced at his home and demanded, and received, oral sex from his wife, and made him watch.

     As if that were not enough, the former manager says, his boss then “demanded that (the manager) engage in intercourse with (his wife) while she inserted a finger in his anus. As before, (the manager) understood that his employment would be adversely affected if he did not comply.”
     Kevin Roessler sued Royal Spa Corp. and Robert Dapper, in Federal Court.
     Roessler describes Dapper as “a principal, secretary and registered agent of Royal Spa,” of Indianapolis. Roessler says Royal Spa hired him as a director of business development in June 2008.
     “Problems began when Dapper discovered that Kevin and his wife, Marcella Roessler, were involved in an open sexual relationship and frequently participated in events where individuals would share different sexual partners other than their spouses,” according to the graphic, 10-page complaint.
     It continues: “Upon discovering that Kevin was engaged in this lifestyle, Dapper began to request that Kevin secure him an invite to these events. Kevin was very hesitant to do so. He did not wish to combine his personal and work life.
     “Dapper’s requests became more strident in nature. Dapper even went so far as to require the [sic] Kevin secure these invitation [sic] or lose his employment. Fearing for his position at Royal Spa, Kevin eventually relented and secured him an invitation to several of these events.
     “At these events, Dapper began to display extremely aggressive behavior towards Kevin’s wife Marcella. He would continually request that Marcella penetrate him anally with a strap on penis. Marcella would rebuff his advances. But Dapper persisted in his requests. This made Marcella and Kevin very uncomfortable. However, fearing for his position at Royal Spa, Kevin was concerned about confronting Dapper directly over this issue.
     “This behavior continued for quite some time. Kevin continued to worry about Dapper’s seeming obsession with his wife but could see no clear way to dissuade him without losing his position at Royal Spa.”
     Roessler claims that Dapper became “increasingly obsessed with sex,” and asked him “about acquiring additional sexual partners for him.” Again, Roessler says, he “had significant reservations” and refused, but when “Dapper became more insistent,” he “felt that his employment would be adversely affected if he failed to assist Dapper.”
     So, he says, he did. “Kevin was required to attend each of these encounters and to initiate sex in front of Dapper. While Kevin was initiating sex, Dapper would continually comment about the size of Kevin’s penis. Kevin would then be asked to leave the room and Dapper would conclude the sexual encounter. At least one encounter occurred at a Royal Spa location.”
     Roessler claims that “he felt uncomfortable and sickened by the behavior he was being forced to engage in. Although these were consensual sexual encounters he felt that he was being used as a ‘pimp’ to acquire sex for Dapper. At all times during these events, Kevin was informed by Dapper that his employment would be adversely affected if he failed to comply.”
     Then, according to the complaint: “On or about November of 2008, Kevin sustained a back injury and underwent back surgery on or about April 2, 2009. The injury placed the Roessler’s in a very delicate situation. If Kevin were to lose his job they would have no health care to pay for his recovery.
     “Several days following his surgery Dapper arrived unannounced and uninvited to the Roessler home. Kevin and Marcella were both present.
     “Dapper immediately began propositioning Marcella for oral sex. Fearing for her husband’s job Marcella relented and began to perform oral sex on Dapper. Kevin was ashamed and humiliated by what Dapper was forcing his spouse to do. His humiliation was intensified as Dapper forced him to watch Marcella perform oral sex on him.
     “Finally, Dapper also demanded that Kevin engage in intercourse with Marcella while she inserted a finger in his anus. As before Kevin understood that his employment would be adversely affected if he did not comply.
     “After this episode Dapper continued to demand invitations to events for intercourse and continued attending them until November of 2011.
     “Kevin was eventually terminated for finally taking a stand against Dapper’s harassing and unlawful behavior.
     “On or about January 28, 2011, Dapper began boasting about his sexual encounters with Marcella to prospective Royal Spa customers. Specifically, Dapper indicated that Marcella had performed anal sex on him while using a strap on penis. This representation was a total fabrication.
     “At a loss as to how to proceed, Kevin contacted an attorney. His new attorney contacted Dapper and requested a meeting to discuss the conditions at Royal Spa on March 9, 2011. Dapper refused to meet with Kevin’s attorney and instead terminated Kevin’s employment.”
     Roessler seeks lost wages and benefits and punitive damages for employment discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent supervision and defamation.
     He is represented by Philip Sever with Sever Storey, of Carmel, Ind.

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