Ex-Wife Says NASCAR’s Biffle Hid a Camera to Spy on Her, Mom

(CN) – The ex-wife and ex-mother-in-law of former NASCAR driver Greg Biffle claims in court he installed hidden cameras in private areas of their home in order to spy or peep on them, and that he showed the captured footage to others.

In the complaint filed in Mecklenburg County Superior Court in North Carolina, the women,  Nicole Biffle and Sara Jane Lunders claim the hidden cameras were placed in the master bedroom, bathroom and the guest room where Biffle’s ex-mother-in-law stayed.

The Biffles were married in 2007 and divorced in 2015. Nicole Biffle says she was aware that outdoor security cameras were installed when they built the estate in 2008 in Lake Norman, North Carolina.

But she claims Biffle  later installed multiple hidden cameras in their home without her knowledge or permission.

Roushe Fenway Racing is named as a defendant because Biffle allegedly shared recorded footage of the women with members of the racing team. He severed ties with the team last November.  Biffle allegedly connected the hidden surveillance system to a DVR and “The App” which transmitted the footage to his phone. Images of the women were then saved and stored on the DVR. Biffle’s ex-wife discovered the hidden cameras in the master bedroom two years ago.

Biffle stated under oath that he did not install the hidden surveillance system to spy or peep on his ex-wife, but he did so because he believed maids were stealing from him.

The women claim as a result of his egregious and unlawful acts they have suffered loss of appetite, sleep, experienced emotional distress, worry, humiliation, fear and anxiety. Lunders required a prescription for anxiety medication as a result of the unauthorized surveillance.

They are each seeking $25,000 in damages.

Biffle, 47, joined NACAR’s Top Circuit in 2003, and won 19 of the 510 races in which he raced.

Roushe Fenway Racing did not respond to a telephone call seeking comment.

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