Ex-Tyco CEO Says Steve Forbes Defamed Him

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Dennis Kozlowski, disgraced CEO of Tyco International who is serving 8 to 25 years for taking millions of dollars in unauthorized bonuses, claims Steve Forbes and John Prevas defamed him in their book, “Power Ambition Glory,” published by co-defendant Random House.

     The bare-bones complaint demands treble damages and punitive damages for unspecified “false and defamatory statements about the plaintiff.”
     Kozlowski is represented in New York County Court by Alan Lewis with Carter Ledyard & Milburn.
     A jury in 2005 convicted Kozlowski and another Tyco executive, Mark Swartz, of defrauding shareholders of more than $400 million. The SEC claimed the executives did not disclose hundreds of millions of dollars of loans and bonuses they granted themselves from 1996 to 2002.
     Kozlowski became a symbol of corporate excess – before the succeeding round of symbols of corporate excess – for his $6,000 shower curtain, $15,000 umbrella stand, and $2 million birthday party for his wife.

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