Ex-NFL Player Wins Workers’ Comp Ruling

     (CN) – Former NFL football player Thomas Lynch is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits from the Special Fund for Reopened Cases, an appellate division of the New York Supreme Court ruled.

     Lynch, a former player for the Buffalo Bills, suffered a permanent partial disability in 1984.
     His benefits lasted until 2001, when they were suspended because he began to earn more than his previous wages.
     Lynch claimed that the greater earnings did not last and he applied for benefits for the period from Jan. 1, 2003 to Jan. 1, 2006.
     A workers’ compensation law judge bifurcated Lynch’s claim between the team and the Special Fund. The workers’ compensation board upheld the decision, and the Special Fund appealed.
     Judge McCarthy of the Albany-based appellate division affirmed the ruling.
     “There is not dispute that there was a seven-year lapse from the date of claimant’s 1984 injury and a three-year lapse from the date of compensation,” McCarthy ruled.
     Therefore, liability transfers to the Special Fund.

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