Ex-News Director Claims Retaliation in Firing

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) – Former KOIN-TV news director Jeff Alan wants station owner PVT Portland to pay him $2.41 million for allegedly firing him based on his age and his objection to the station’s firing one of its anchors and hiring a young female reporter who appeared in “inappropriate material” on the Internet.

     Alan, then 54, went to work for KOIN-TV when the station was owned by Montecito Broadcast Group. NVT and its affiliates were considering buying the station, but their CEO, Jason Elkin, wanted Montecito to first fire anchor Ed Whelan, the lawsuit claims.
     Alan claims that he and Montecito’s president, Sandra Benton, “strenuously and repeatedly objected,” but that Whelan was fired, anyway.
     NVT subsequently bought the station and asked Alan to review a resume tape submitted by Kacey Montoya. Alan claims the tape was subpar, and told his supervisor that hiring her would be improper due to her salacious background.
     The company not only hired Montoya, the suit claims, but also paid her more than the initial offer.
     Alan claims he was canned next, in retaliation for standing up for Whelan and opposing Montoya’s hiring. He also claims that Elkin asked him, “Aren’t you getting too old for this?”
     The plaintiff is represented by Harris Berne Christensen.

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